En.Contact Form Submission

Name: Lelia Kung
Email: leliac82@gmail.com
Phone: +852 6809 2042
Dear Team: I know from the website your Academy and would very much interested to have some further information.
I am a retired legal secretary (for many years), aged 63. I am now looking to have a career change and as I really love dogs so thought of starting with the dog grooming/dog sitter field. Due to the busy lifestyle with my previous job, I don’t have time to have deeper studies with these fluffy guys but I can do now after retirement.
Do you have face to face similar courses for seniors international students in Vancouver? Why I thought of Canada, because I love this country so if I can take such an interesting course, I can also have the opportunity to visit Canada’s famous natural scenery.
I would appreciate if you could email me with information/requirements for attending these courses.
Many thanks in advance
with Kind regards