E-.Contact Form Submission

Name: Grace Oliver
Email: oliver.graciegirl@gmail.con
Phone: 6475254722

I’m a 2022 graduate on my gap year seeking to attend university in September of 2023. I’m very interested in attending the program and had a few questions. Due to my schedule right now I wouldn’t be able to attend the school immediately. Is it possible to begin the course at any time? My ideal timing would be the last week of March or early April. My second question is in regards to how spaced out attendance of part 1 and part 2 can be. For example, would I be able to complete part 1 this year and complete part 2 in the summer of next year once the school year ends?

I’ve been looking for programs for a while and this one really resonates with me and I’d love to book a visit and talk to someone about it.